About the IANV


About the IANV

The International Association for Northern Viticulture was established in January 2006 as an unincorporated non-profit organization in the state of Wisconsin.

Mission of the IANV

The mission of the IANV is to promote the advancement of viticulture in northern environments that are characterized by cool or short summers and/or cold winters. In pursuit of this mission the IANV shall undertake to:

  • Disseminate information about successful pursuit of northern viticulture to a wide audience
  • Bring together enthusiasts, grape breeders, and researchers to share viticultural knowledge across international boundaries through conferences, printed literature, or electronic exchange
  • Initiate and support research and investigations that will lead to greater success and opportunities for northern viticulture.
  • Work to expand the opportunities for northern viticulture as a hobby or commerce by stimulating research and exchange of information about the use of northern grapes in winemaking, fresh consumption, and other uses


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