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The 2nd International Conference on Northern Viticulture, Viti Nord 2009,
will be held in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada on 9-11 November 2009.

Register by October 1, 2009 for discounts on the conference and the hotel.
Additional Details and registration at the VitiNord 2009 website

Viti Nord 2009 Announcement

Viti Nord 2009 Program

The Audience for the Conference
This conference targets:

  • interested hobbyist growers
  • commercial growers and winemakers
  • public and private, part-time or full-time, researchers
  • grape breeders, and variety testers
  • authors, and full- or part-time viticultural and enology educators

Geographically, the target audience is from:

  • USA: New England, northern border states, Pacific maritime, & Alaska
  • Canada: Areas outside of the Okanogan and Niagara regions
  • United Kingdom
  • Scandanavia: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland
  • Colder regions of Belgium, Holland, and Germany
  • Poland, Belarus
  • Baltic Countries: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
  • The "protected viticultural" regions of Russia and Ukraine, Siberia & Far East
  • Northeastern China
  • Northern regions of Japan

Any grape grower or winemaker that struggles with the challenges of ripening fruit or wintering traditional grapes will find a great opportunity in this conference.

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